a)   Agreement / Documentation to own apartment are:  
  • An Agreement to construct to be executed between the builder and the purchaser for theconstruction of the apartment allotted to the purchaser. The consolidated contract value inthe agreement covers the cost of construction of the building as well as the cost of undividedshare of land.

  • A ’Sale Deed’ for the undivided share of land to be registered by the builder on receipt ofentire payment under the contract.
All the taxes, fees and charges arising out of or due to the purchase/sale/contract deed or agreement such as Stamp Paper / Registration Fee, Lawyer’s Fee, VAT, Service Tax,Corporation Tax, Building Tax, Electric Connection cum Meter Deposits, Water charges existing or to be introduced by the Government or any Statutory Authority, will have to be borne by the purchaser.
c)   Covered car parking at extra cost.  
The purchaser shall be a member of the Apartment Owner’s Association / Society constituted by the builder, which shall be formed at the time ofhanding over of the possession of flats. The Association/Society shall carry out all necessary routine and annual maintenance and repairs to common areas, exteriors walls of the building, common installations and fittings, payments of electrical and water charges for common services, security arrangements and all such other common facilities and services. Maintenance charges/deposits are to be paid by each owner regularly and on time.
All measurements and specifications given along with this leaflet are subject to minorvariations/alternations without specific or general notice. All such variations/alternations shall be purely at the discretion of the builder.
f )  
The plans are not drawn to scale and are included for the purpose of identification andguidance only. Furniture layout is only an indication of space utilization.
g)   The area is inclusive of common areas and wall thickness.  
h)   The prices are firm once the apartment is allotted.  
i)   Sanctioned building plans, title deeds and agreements pertaining to land are availablefor reference.