: :  Structure  
  • RCC Framed Structure with independent footing foundation
  • 20cm Brick wall for external walls and 10cm brick wall for internal walls.
  • Cement plastering for all areas
  • Water proofing work for terrace floor.
  : :  Windows, Ventilators  
  • Powder coated aluminium windows & ventilators with M.S. Grills
  : :  Doors  
  • Teak wood frame and door panel for front door of each flat.
  • All other door frames and door panel in good quality hard wood/ Pressed door.
  • Hard wood/PVC door frame with PVC door panels for bathrooms
  : :  Flooring & Wall cladding  
  • Vitrified ceramic tiles/Granite for common areas and all other areas.
  • Light coloured ceramic tile flooring for bathrooms and kitchen
  • Light coloured ceramic tile wall dadoing upto 210cm height in bathrooms.
  • Light coloured ceramic tile wall dadoing upto 45cm height from kitchen work top slab
  : :  Lift  
  • 1 passenger lift and 1Bed Lift in common area.
  • Generator back up facility for lifts and common area
  : :  Wall finishing  
  • Putty finished walls for interiors with two coats of emulsion paint.
  • Exterior grade emulsion paint 2 coats for exteriors.
  • P.O.P. Corniece work for drawing and dining
  : :  Water supply  
  • Sump tank and overhead tank for water storage.
  • Water supply from open well and corporation connection
  • Separate water connection from over head tank to each floor
  : :  Electricity supply  
  • Thrissur corporation electric supply with separate metering.
  • 2 light/fan points to each flat from generator supply.
  : :  Telephone  
  • 1 Telephone point in each flat.
  : :  Cable TV  
  • 1 cable TV connection point in each flat
  : :  Internet  
  • 1 cable point in each flat
  : :  Kitchen  
  • Polished Granite slab above RCC kitchen work top slab
  • Stainless steel single bowl and single drain board kitchen sink.
  • Cupboard with hardwood and ferocement slab below kitchen top slab (cover only)
  : :  Bathrooms  
  • Light coloured bathroom fittings such as EWC and washbasin.
  • Medium weight chromium plated bathroom taps and valves.
  • Geyser provision in bathrooms.
  • Plumbing using ISI grade pipes and accessories.
  • Mixer tap in one bathroom
  : :  Sewage  
  • Septic tank and soak pit arrangement for sewage treatment.
  : :  Dining room wash basin  
  • Light coloured oval/round washbasin over granite slab.
  : :  Electric supply points  
A/c point
  Living room 2Nos.   1No. 3Nos.  
  Dining room 2Nos. 1No. 1No. 3Nos  
  Kitchen & Work Area 3Nos. 2Nos. 1No. 2Nos  
  Bath rooms   1No.* 1No. 1No.  
  Bedrooms 2Nos.   1No. 3Nos. 1 ACPoint**
  Balcony 1No.   1No. 1No.  
  Only 1 Point in Bath room attached to master bed ** Only 1 Point in master bed  
  • MCBs and ELCB in main switchboard.
  • Wiring work using ISI grade wires.
  : :  Facilities with additional payment  
  • Additional light/fan/5A plug/15A plug/Telephone/CTV/ Internet/A/c points.
  • Granite slab flooring.
  • Kitchen furnishing works.
  • Bedroom wardrobe works.
  • Living room/Dining room Racks.
  • Covered car parking facility